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Tell us, who is Travis Lee?

  • Travis Lee is a Papua New Guinean born soul singer who currently resides in Brisbane/AUS.

How did you start in the music world? 

  • I began paying classical piano around the age of 7.

Which artist was inspirational to create your style? 

  • Robert Glasper, D’angelo, SBTKRT, Maxwell.

Is there any concert that made a big impression on you? 

  • Stevie Wonder Concert & Soul Festival.

What do you feel making music? 

  • When I'm creating I try to find something that makes me moves emotionally & physically.

We've listened your album “Reflections," tell us something about it. 

  • Reflections is pretty much as the title reads; it’s a recap of certain experiences and memories, plus my journey in the music industry thus far.

If you have to give a piece of advice to young artists. What would be?

  • Keep persistent, keep positive and enjoy each part of the journey.

What do you think about hip hop movement in Australia? And in Spain? 

  • Hip hop in Australia is growing much more dramatically than ever, people here are a lot more open to new sounds & musical styles. I don't know too much about the hip hop movement in Spain, but from what I've heard it sounds really cool, I dig the artist that incorporate flamenco or rumba.

Tell us something about your musical future. 

  • I've been preparing have for my EP launch and Currently woking on my next EP.

Travis Lee sends a video greeting:

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